El. trade-oriented

A balanced system for measuring indicators

Let’s put your email together. trading channel scoreboard. I will perform an analysis of current indicators and work with you to develop a new, comprehensive indicator measurement system.

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A validated model for measuring results

About this system

El. sales is a sales channel driven by data and metrics.

So I will help you to choose the indicators to be measured on the basis of a balanced system for measuring indicators. It consists of complementary parts, allows a quick assessment of the current situation and usually consists of 21 to 27 indicators.

As a result, you will receive a table of results that will name:

money for you

By following a balanced scorecard, you will be able to

  • Accurately evaluate current results
  • Know what determines that email. trading results are rising or falling
  • Identify strategic locations that email marketing channel requires more attention

We are interested.Where do we start?

Meeting and submission of a proposal. When we meet, we will discuss your expectations and talk about your perceived e-mails. store problems. Then I will provide a special, your e-mail. offer for the store.